LearnKoreanFast.com is a place where I have put together my favorite resources that I have either created, or found, in order to help you gain a better level in Korean, and to do that faster, and most importantly for me, with more fun 😉

I’m a big, big believer in fun, and the importance it has in regards to the learning process.

If you want to learn something well, and fast, it has to be fun. Fun makes it memorable, interesting, and at least relevant for the moment during study. This means recall is going to be much better and easier later.

What you won’t find here is any claim that this one book, or this one course, or this one method, or well, this one “anything” is going to be the answer to your Korean language study.

I firmly believe in mixing things up, and using some structured materials, and learning things that you both need to know and want to know.