Learn Hangul in One Hour

Learn Hangul in One HourLearn Hangul in One Hour!

A complete guide on how to teach yourself the Korean Writing System

By Allen Williams PhD

This book is my course for how to learn to read, write, and remember Hangul, the Korean alphabet.

I wrote this course several years ago and tested it on everyone from my friends to students to international students I met while I was studying at Nagoya University. They all loved it. Really.

Many of the people who have used it don’t even speak English as a first language, so that makes me feel really good and confident about how well this will work for anyone who really wants to learn this.

Who should that be?

Anyone who wants to speak or use Korean. Period. Trying to learn any language without starting with the basics, the alphabet, is just plain silly. It’s also wasteful of your time and effort, and frankly is only going to lead to some really strange pronunciations. If you don’t use my course, you still need to learn the alphabet because English representations of Korean writing are terribly inconsistent for pronunciation.

You really can learn the system with the mnemonics I have created here. You’ll also learn a pretty good number of example vocabulary words so you can anchor your pronunciation. I’ve tried to stick to only useful, everyday words too so that will help you to get started on building your vocabulary.

Oh, there’s also a nifty little mnemonic for learning the alphabet order which will take you about a minute. Literally. You have to know the order if you want to use a dictionary, or at least if you don’t want to spend forever just flipping around until you find stuff.

I wish I would have known to learn Hangul first when I first started learning Korean at our Taekwondo dojang. There is a lot of Korean vocabulary used every day in the dojang, but our pronunciation was sooooo awful and got me laughed at when I tried to use it when I first went to Korea.

Do yourself a favor and get this, and get it right (and fast). Even if you’ve already started trying to learn the alphabet, this is going to help you.

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